How To Play

Set up

Split the cards into two decks, Operations and Numbers, the deck in which each card belongs to is written on the back. Keep these decks separate for the whole game.

Everyone starts with 7 cards, 4 from the Numbers deck and 3 from the Operations deck.
Deal these face down.

Place a number card from the Numbers deck face up and in the center of the play area.

Choose who goes first.


Players must attempt to make an equation, with the cards in their hands, to equal the number in the center.

The players must use at least one Operation card in an equation.

They can draw up to 2 cards per turn which can come from either decks. If the player is unable to make a correct equation after picking up two cards, then their turn ends.

The player can use as many cards in their hand as they choose to make an equation.

Minus Operation cards can be used in front of numbers to make them negative.

Pair can be used as one card. For example, Two number 2 cards can be used as a 4.

Upon completing an equation, the player must keep all the Number cards used in the equation in a pile away from their hand and shuffle the Operation cards back into the deck. Their turn ends and a new Numbers card is drawn and placed in the center of the play area for the next player.

Win Conditions

There are two win conditions for SUM;

The first is the player to get rid of all the cards in their hand.

The second is the player with the largest amount of Numbers cards in their completed equations pile. These are counted after all the cards in the Numbers deck have been taken.

Wild Cards

Wild cards are special cards that can be played anytime during the players turn.

They are hidden within  the Operation deck and must be shuffled back into the deck once used.

Unlike the other cards, these cards can not be used as part of an equation.

There are 4 different Wild Cards;

Propagation, Neutralization, Radicalization and Rotation.

The effects these cards have are written on them and should be read out aloud when used unless everyone is very familiar with each cards traits.

The player must have at least one additional card in their hand to play the Wild Cards Neutralization and Rotation.

A Wild Card can not be used on the turn it is drawn.

If a Wild Card has been used and the player still can’t make the equation, then they must still pick up 2 cards, if they have not yet done so, before their turn ends.